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This is a wiki database for the game MINDNIGHT. This includes roles, rules, possible strategies and other information about all elements in the game. Please feel free to add to anything. If you are new to the game, you might want to take a look at the HOW TO PLAY overview.

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About the gameEdit

MINDNIGHT is an online game of social deduction inspired by others such as Werewolf and Resistance. With a heavy focus around talking in chat, the game forces players to lie and accuse their way to victory. No Moon Studio developed it with a small, international team, and the playerbase currently consists of over a thousand people. It is free-to-play on Steam.

How to Play Edit

A match is composed of five to eight players and usually lasts five to fifteen minutes. Every player is either a hacker or an agent, and there are two to three hackers depending on the match size. Hackers know the identity of the other hackers, but agents do not know any other player's identity. There are five nodes; each node includes three phases: the talking phase, the voting phase, and the mission phase. During the talking phase, the players discuss who they think are the hackers through the chat. In the voting phase, a player proposes a team of two to four players, depending on the node and match size. Each player votes to either accept or refuse the team composition. If the majority accepts the team, the mission phase ensues with that team doing maintenance on the node. If the majority does not accept, another player proposes a team, and this continues. However, if five teams are refused, hackers win the game. In the mission phase, the players on the accepted team do maintenance on the node. An agent can only secure the node. A hacker can either hack or secure the node depending on their preference. If any players hack the node, that node becomes hacked, but if not, it is secured. The same cycle happens for five nodes, and the first team to have three nodes wins. Hackers try to convince other players they are not hackers. Agents attempt to figure out who the hackers are and try to only have agents on the missions to ensure that they are secured.

Achievements Edit

MINDNIGHT boasts a whopping forty-two achievements to be earned through playing. These include winning a certain number of games, not talking throughout an entire match, and much more. The following is a list of MINDNIGHT's current achievements.

Win Night - Win a game

High five - Win 5 games

It's a ten - Win 10 games

Play more - Win 20 games

Fifty nifty - Win 50 games

Addicted? - Win 100 games

Agenty - Win 5 games as an agent

While you hack - Win 10 games as an agent

Write privileges granted - Win 20 games as an agent

Admin manager - Win 50 games as an agent

Epic admin lord - Win 100 games as an agent

Hacky - Win 5 games as a hacker

Drop line - Win 10 games as a hacker

Line Code - Win 20 games as a hacker

City Breach - Win 50 games as a hacker

Undercover - Win 100 games as a hacker

Don't stop now! - Win 2 games in a row

Hattrick! - Win 3 games in a row

Oh yea! - Win 5 games in a row

Unstoppable! - Win 7 games in a row

Speechless - Win 10 games in a row

Flawless victory - Win a game without losing a mission

Didn't see what hit 'em - Win a game as a hacker in the first 3 missions

Team player - Take part in all the missions of a game

Trustworthy - Be voted for all the missions of a game

Not on my watch - Agents win without the hackers taking part in a single mission

Mouthful - Write 5000 words

Preacher - Write 10000 words

(Random Scrambled Text) - Also random scrambled text

(Random Scrambled Text) - Also random scrambled text

(Random Scrambled Text) - Also random scrambled text

Nuked! - Win as an agent in the last mission with a double fail in the missions before

I know I can trust you... Win the game with the last possible mission

Divide and conquer - Win as a hacker by reaching 5 node teams rejected

Finally, we caught em - Win as an agent in the last voting round (before losing by skip)

I don't even need to hack you... - Win as a hacker, but without hacking

Avid keyboard - Write 100 words in a single game

(Random Scrambled Text) - Also random scrambled text

Lurker - Win a game without saying a word

Pacifier - Win a game by accepting all teams

Passive Play - Win a game by not going on a single mission

Everyone Loves You - Win a game by going on all 5 missions

Strategy Edit

It's best to look at actions and not word. Such things include votes and proposals. Hackers typically accept nodes they are not in, no agent should ever do that. Another common trait hackers almost always share, is that they leave additional hackers outside of their proposal. Due to this its good idea to see everyone's proposal before accepting a mission; its easy to remember all proposals from all nodes in 5 or maybe 6 player games but for bigger games you may want to take notes. As a hacker your goal should be to signal your teammate. If both of you go on a mission and only one of you hacks this creates uncertainty between the agents. Watch reactions to your picks in order to see if agents are catching on to you. That is why if you know as a hacker that your pick will get rejected, you should put your hacker buddy in. This is true unless you are a revealed hacker then you should suggest the perfect agent team to make it look as bad as possible. You should try to get into everyone' shoes; sometimes hackers do not pay enough attention to the game and their votes but especially their proposals are seemingly random, that is because they know who is a hacker, and don't think "based on the hacks the hackers are player A and B or player C and D" so they end up suggesting a team with players A and C in it which is completely illogical from their point of view.To avoid this as hacker you should always be alert and know who the possible hackers are from your P.O.V based on previous hacks.In order to convince the others you must first convince yourself (that you are agent).

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